[theforum] stickers, thx

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 12 12:29:36 CST 2009

Sean German noted:

>>Stickers arrived today, and they are AWESOME.
>>I don't know what (or who) to stick first.


Hmmmm ... Am I hearing a "where's Waldo" style Flickr-sticker contest in there somewhere?

So far I have tagged my cubicle ... and the work laptop I take to meetings, where it looks especially cool interspersed with all of my 'Hello Kitty' stickers!

Toolbox is my next target at home, where I think it should nicely offset the Serpentone sticker.


(How did that go again?  Practice senseless acts of stickers and random acts of kickass, right?  Cuz there is no charge for awesomeness.)

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