[theforum] I made stickers.

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Mon Feb 9 01:13:59 CST 2009

I'll take 50 as well, but I'm just heading off to Scotland (weather willing)
and my Dad has no Internet so I'll contact you off list when I get a

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>-With Martin's protests duly noted, I took the plunge and bought
>-anyway. Why? beause I had already put the work into designing them, and
>-I figure, if evolt.org finds it frivolous, I'll eat the cost.  However,
>-if possible, I do want to distribute them (and not eat the cost).
>-Without seeing a proof, I was worried about how they'd turn out (so I
>-didn't say anything earlier).  Well, they just arrived, and my 13-year
>-old daughter has proclaimed them "really cool!" (as she helped herself
>-to one), and then she said, "I thought they didn't make these t-shirts
>-anymore?" And then she said, "what is this?"
>-They are glossy, weatherproof, vinyl stickers, 1.5" by 4" rectangles
>-(small, per Martin's suggestion) and there are 1,000 of them.  (invoice
>-is below).  They are simple: full-color evolt.org logo against black
>-background.  They look quite lovely.
>-I am flat dead broke right now and expect to  be pretty cash poor for
>-some time, and I totally understand evolt.org not wanting to front a
>-chunk of money, but I do want to eventually have distribution on these,
>-so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it. $145 comes to about
>-15¢ per sticker  (right? math is not my strong point)... So I'm
>-30¢/sticker w/ a 50-sticker minimum -- paypal fees AND worldwide
>-shipping included. (World domination *is* important.)  So, theforum
>-  dibs.  Anyone who wants 50 "really cool" evolt.org stickers can
>-me $15.  ($30 for 100 stickers, etc).
>-That's if people want to help me distribute them.  WORLDWIDE
>-Also, even a few $$$ coming in right now (even if it's against money I
>-already put out) is quite helpful to me. So: win win win.
>-When I get a chance I'll try to upload the design (and this info) to
>-wiki but it's pretty much yr classic "evolt.org" logo on black.  (I
>-decided to be mysterious and leave off any potentially controversial
>-taglines, for better or worse.)
>-PS if for some reason finance wants a large number of stickers for some
>-kind of fund-raising purpose then we can alter terms. Basically, the
>-stickers are here, they are "really cool," they are promo materials,
>-I'd like to get them into distribution.
>-  Type 	 Status 	 Details 	 Amount
>-  Jan. 4, 2009 	Add Funds from a Bank Account 	 Completed
>-$145.00 USD
>-Business Name:
>-	Sticker Robot / Zoltron Industries
>-	zoltron at stickerobot.com
>-Business Contact Information
>-Customer Service URL: 		http://www.stickerobot.com
>-Customer Service Email: 		zoltron at stickerobot.com
>-Customer Service Phone: 		406-656-3323
>-Amount sent:
>-	-$145.00 USD
>-	$0.00 USD
>-	-$145.00 USD
>-	Jan. 4, 2009
>-	22:37:46 PST
>-	Completed
>-	Sticker Robot / Zoltron Industries
>-	Thank you.
>-Shipping Address:
>-	Erika Meyer
>-TheForum Archives: http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/
>-evolt.org wiki: http://wiki.evolt.org/
>-teamwork site: http://evolt.teamworkpm.net/

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