[theforum] Show of hands

Stéphane Deschamps lists at nota-bene.org
Fri Oct 26 06:11:21 CDT 2007

<quote who='Elfur Logadóttir' when='25/10/2007 19:10'>
> Hello all,
> A) I'm enthusiastic about maintaining the whole evolt.org shebang
> B) I'm enthusiastic, but don't know if/when/how I could help
> C) I care for evolt.org but do not have the time to participate in anything
> timeconsuming.
> D) I care, but I've left the business and not maintained my ability to
> assist with anything web-related
> E) I care (or don't), but I've left and don't partake in anything related to
> evolt.org anymore.

Hi pals,

As much as I find it sad to admit it, I'm in E.

I care, though. Pretty nice bunch of people.

BTW I considered a few days ago dropping a few lists I don't read 
anymore, theforum being one of them.

I'm doing it right now.
Stéphane Deschamps

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