[theforum] Current Maintainers

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Oct 24 13:04:54 CDT 2007

.:| content - David K, John H, Dean M, Martin B, William A
.:| syadmin - Jeremy A, David K, Dean M, John H, Judah M, Mike 
.:| K, Matt W,
.:| William A, Ron D
.:| marketing - David, Erika M, Marlene B, Lachlan, Joel, 
.:| Javier, Stephane, Martin B
.:| finance - David, Elfur, Marlene, John, Martin, Guillermo(?)
.:| steering - David, Elfur, Joel, Judah, Stephane, William, Lachlan

I'm still here.
David is the primary monetary caretaker, but I do receive all emails and
receipts and schtuff like that, so I consider myself more of monitoring body
than treasurer (that's David's job :). Marlene officially left evolt a few
years back, so she should have been unsubbed from the finance list (and

Re steering, that is an inactive group. It was decided rather soon after its
foundation to have "flatter" hierarchy and thus have all activity that
should've been under steering, to take part directly in theforum. I thought
the same applied for marketing, but I'm not sure.

As with so many others, the web design industry and I have all but parted as
I'm completing my law studies in just over a month and I am therefore no
longer of much help (for other things than monitoring, like I do with the

This email from Dean makes me wonder if it's time to dot the i's and cross
the t's, close the curtains and call the quits (any further metaphors I can
throw at you?) - but that is a discussion and a decision to be made by other
people than myself. I will continue to contribute the little I can for as
long as evolt.org will be run, but that will never be much more than
accounting - save from legal advice, should we ever need it :)


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