[theforum] evolt.org structure

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Oct 24 13:03:36 CDT 2007

Dean wrote:

.:| Once upon a time our wiki contained this information.  However,
.:| because of all the spamming, we took it offline.
.:| theforum is the main mailing list where the community as a whole
.:| contributes to setting the direction of evolt.org.
.:| There is a set of mailing lists for the community maintainers are
.:| subscribed to but these people are taken from the community as a
.:| whole.  They are usually long-time participants in the evolt.org
.:| community.  People are invited to these lists or are recommended by
.:| existing members.  The lists are:
.:| content - supervise the content of the site and the mailing lists.
.:| sysadmin - maintain anything to do with the hardware and 
.:| software configuration.
.:| finance - look after the finances.
.:| marketing - promote evolt.org.
.:| desdev - expand the community's offerings.
.:| steering - representatives from the existing lists that are
.:| responsible for setting the ultimate direction of evolt.org.

Soon after this setup was put in place (probably ca. six months, max year)
it was nixed again. This was mainly because many thought that most, if not
all things, should better be served on theforum rather than split around the
other lists.
The only three lists that I thought survived that nix were sysadmin, content
and finance - but I might be wrong.

I'm writing from memory, but theforum archives are available and searchable
if anyone wants to do the accurate version :)

See more comments in my other email (re. Current Maintainers).


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