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Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 11:12:44 CDT 2007

>> This would be a separate discussion, but I am curious why people are
>> even on the evolt.org mailing lists?  The question doesn't just
> I'm actually lost :)
> What is the structure (human and physical resources) we have today?
> What needs help? What has something to be done?

Once upon a time our wiki contained this information.  However,
because of all the spamming, we took it offline.

theforum is the main mailing list where the community as a whole
contributes to setting the direction of evolt.org.

There is a set of mailing lists for the community maintainers are
subscribed to but these people are taken from the community as a
whole.  They are usually long-time participants in the evolt.org
community.  People are invited to these lists or are recommended by
existing members.  The lists are:

content - supervise the content of the site and the mailing lists.
sysadmin - maintain anything to do with the hardware and software configuration.
finance - look after the finances.
marketing - promote evolt.org.
desdev - expand the community's offerings.
steering - representatives from the existing lists that are
responsible for setting the ultimate direction of evolt.org.

thesite - an older list that encompassed a lot of the lists above.
There was talk about re-consolidation so that content, sysadmin,
desdev would become part of thesite and the old lists retired.

Our community offerings include:

lists.evolt.org - thelist, thechat, css-d, javascript
www.evolt.org - the site
dir.evolt.org - a link directory
browsers.evolt.org - the browser archive

Any other questions, ask away!


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