[theforum] Vote re: nofollow tags in articles

Paul Waring paul at xk7.net
Tue Oct 23 02:47:09 CDT 2007

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 04:28:29PM -0600, Dean Mah wrote:
> This would be a separate discussion, but I am curious why people are
> even on the evolt.org mailing lists?  The question doesn't just
> pertain to theforum but also to content, sysadmin, and desdev.  As far
> as I know, no one is even reviewing content anymore or watching the
> comments.  I don't think that sysadmin is actively doing anything
> including reviewing the snort logs, the logwatch reports, or the qmail
> statistics which make up the bulk of the sysadmin mailing list.  I've
> no clue what desdev is doing since the redesign contest and the
> rumblings of a Drupal upgrade and d.e.o is all but dead.

I'm not even sure which lists I am on, I *think* I'm on sysadmin (at
least I was for a while) but I haven't seen any qmail logs for ages so
perhaps I've been unsubscribed (or taken myself off because nothing was
happening and I wasn't really a sysadmin :). I haven't seen any activity
on the other admin-type lists for a while. If someone posts, I'll
generally read and usually respond, but I've no idea what to start a
discussion about.


Paul Waring

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