[theforum] Vote re: nofollow tags in articles

Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:28:29 CDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Paul Waring <paul at xk7.net> wrote:

> I'm also unimpressed with:
> 'However, the discussion took place on IRC'
> I think that discussion about a change like this should be out in the
> open on a mailing list, where people can see it (I'm often on IRC, but I
> obviously miss anything which is said whilst I'm not there, which isn't
> the case for email).
> Paul

I would agree.  However, since we get so little participation from
theforum, going to IRC is usually more likely to generate comments and
some sort of discussion.  Look at the number of people that jumped
into this discussion.  Look at the number of people that voted.

This would be a separate discussion, but I am curious why people are
even on the evolt.org mailing lists?  The question doesn't just
pertain to theforum but also to content, sysadmin, and desdev.  As far
as I know, no one is even reviewing content anymore or watching the
comments.  I don't think that sysadmin is actively doing anything
including reviewing the snort logs, the logwatch reports, or the qmail
statistics which make up the bulk of the sysadmin mailing list.  I've
no clue what desdev is doing since the redesign contest and the
rumblings of a Drupal upgrade and d.e.o is all but dead.


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