[theforum] FYI: Moving Notification

Stéphane Deschamps (nota-bene.org) stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 06:17:40 CST 2005

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:57:35 +0000, Martin Paul Burns wrote:
> Hi all
> Just a heads-up to let you have a preview of the "Ooh look, we're moving,
> and we've closed the site to new content" (thanks for that, btw, Jeff)
> article:
> http://colonsay.easyweb.co.uk/~martin/temp/evolt/moving.html
> Anyone with any serious problems with the content, or thinks there's
> something important missing, let me know ASAP.

It's fine by me.

Just a mistake on jeff's user link, it should be
/user/jeff/15/index.html and not /jeff/15/index.html (I'm guessing on
the other user links)

Stephane Deschamps
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