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Stéphane Deschamps (nota-bene.org) stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 03:18:04 CST 2005

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:16:13 -0500, Tara Cleveland wrote:
> Hi,

Yeah, hi too :)

> Well I suppose it's a matter of priority. For search engines and
> accessibility, and I'd argue, for older browsers too, I'd prefer to
> have the search, login and other sidebar elements on the bottom of the
> page. Content is king and it really should come before the areas of the
> page that are extraneous to the purpose of the page. Feel free to argue
> with me if you like. I'm open to suggestions - but I'm assuming that's
> why it was done like that - although I wasn't the one to originally
> order the HTML - so I'll have to refer you to Garrett if you ask about
> why it was done like that.

I'll argue a bit then.

Handicapped people with whom I've worked (serious motor problems and
blind/visually impaired) like to have search and navigation first
(because this way it's easy to rapidly browse the site and find the
info), and then content.

Just provide them with skip links and they'll be happy (although the
latest buzz says that we could do without skip links, practical
thinking for them moment forbids deleting them).

Login form is a bit different though, and David's notion that most of
the time we have the cookie feels right for me.

> > the .png comp and previous styled html example have three columns but
> > a decision of two columns has been mentioned. Has there been any
> > decision on that?
> /me searches the archives...
> Nope no decision for a two-column layout was made. Martin asked for a
> mockup of a two-column layout. So, unless a vote is called to change it
> (and probably to overshoot our deadline), I think we've gotta stick to
> the three columns.


Further evolutions after the migration, like everyone says.
(I'm not the original type, am I?)

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