[theforum] css layout and html source order decisions

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Wed Jan 26 16:16:13 CST 2005


On 26-Jan-05, at 2:32 PM, David Currey wrote:
> search and login are at bottom of source - that's fine for css and the
> user agents that can make it down the bottom of the cascade but are
> they a usefull feature to have near the top of the page in the lesser
> capable browsers? (fwiw I like it at the bottom - 'cos most people
> would have their cookie login for most of the time, but I am often
> wrong)

Well I suppose it's a matter of priority. For search engines and 
accessibility, and I'd argue, for older browsers too, I'd prefer to 
have the search, login and other sidebar elements on the bottom of the 
page. Content is king and it really should come before the areas of the 
page that are extraneous to the purpose of the page. Feel free to argue 
with me if you like. I'm open to suggestions - but I'm assuming that's 
why it was done like that - although I wasn't the one to originally 
order the HTML - so I'll have to refer you to Garrett if you ask about 
why it was done like that.

> the .png comp and previous styled html example have three columns but
> a decision of two columns has been mentioned. Has there been any
> decision on that?

/me searches the archives...

Nope no decision for a two-column layout was made. Martin asked for a 
mockup of a two-column layout. So, unless a vote is called to change it 
(and probably to overshoot our deadline), I think we've gotta stick to 
the three columns.

> For the content displayed in white area with blue header is it a crime
> to add a container around enclosed elements - either two or three
> cols?

Yah. It's a heinous crime! The XHTML cops are gonna put you in JAIL!!! 

But seriously...

Umm... I'm not sure where you're suggesting putting the container. 
There is a content div. And divs around the different page elements. 
Can you give us an example of what you mean?

Tara Cleveland
Web Design

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