[theforum] css layout and html source order decisions

David Currey davidcurrey at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 13:32:10 CST 2005


a few important layout spec related questions.

search and login are at bottom of source - that's fine for css and the
user agents that can make it down the bottom of the cascade but are
they a usefull feature to have near the top of the page in the lesser
capable browsers? (fwiw I like it at the bottom - 'cos most people
would have their cookie login for most of the time, but I am often

the .png comp and previous styled html example have three columns but
a decision of two columns has been mentioned. Has there been any
decision on that?

For the content displayed in white area with blue header is it a crime
to add a container around enclosed elements - either two or three

from dave ( stuffed full of biscuits and redbull that wouldn't fit
down the ethernet)

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