reverse-engineered logo (was: Re: [theforum] Original logo artwork)

David Kaufman david at
Wed Jan 26 10:26:54 CST 2005

Hi Martin,

On Wednesday, January 26, 2005 10:37 AM, Martin Burns 
<yumyum at> wrote:
> Adrian
> Have you still got the original files to hand? If we need to resize
> the logo, we'll want to do it better than resizing the current gif.
> As that would suck.

I asked for originals once, but never got any.  I ended up 
reverse-engineering the logo.  It was fun!  Here are the best (real big, 
high-res) evolt logos that I came up with for the Cafepress products:

These are 300dpi GIF's sized for t-shirts, so they should resize *down* 
to whatever you might need for the web really well.

is the source .psp file (Paint Shop Pro) with editable vectors, if 
anyone with PSP wants to tweak.

...sorry I can't offer a Photoshop .psd -- I know, I know: I'm a 
low-rent pixel pusher :-)

Hope this helps!


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