[theforum] 7 days to go to WEO move

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 13:06:50 CST 2005

Martin Burns wrote:
> Seb was struggling with getting drupal templating to
> get the login box working *quite* the way he wanted.
quote "you can't [expletive deleted] skin most of the individual blocks 
without re-writing the bloody modules."

This is unfortunately true. As is the fact that phptemplate does allow 
you to redefine some functions by adding a template.php to your theme 
(documented here: http://drupal.org/node/11811 ), and the fact that some 
function can't (as yet) be redefined that way.

In summary drupal currently outputs some hard coded xhtml we can't 
change without hacking on drupal core, and doing that will be a pain 
during upgrades.(I was trying to say this back at the start of december: 

This leaves us with three options:

a) Don't use drupal (hardly an option at this late stage)

b) Hack Drupal core and modules to get the xhtml we want and suffer 
during upgrades (might be manageable with cvs and a vendor branch, but 

c) Go with xhtml transitional doctype and the inelegant xhtml code 
Drupal outputs in places for launch, and *fix drupal* after launch.

I favour c with b as a backup plan. Pushing Drupal to a better place is 
the easiest path in the long run. We'll need to submit patches against 
drupal-cvs head to drupal.org, and strong arguments to why our code is 
better (remember playing with xhtml may break everyone else's themes). 
We may also have to fix the other core themes to get such patches 
accepted, but I can take on that, anthing to see Drupal output better 

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