[theforum] 7 days to go to WEO move

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 06:11:15 CST 2005

Mike King wrote:
> On 25/01/2005 09:00, Martin Burns wrote:
> Have we decided on a template engine? I vote for phptemplate.
Me too, and I can help with that.
(I know nothing of smarty/xtemplate and so can't help with those.)

> I'm happy to work with others to get this sorted, we can get started 
> with the HTML that Garrett/Tara produced.
I should be able to spend a little time helping on Wednesday afternoon 
(assuming granny comes through to look after the baby, and she will if 
the trains are running in Scotland).

> And as soon as the CSS comes 
> along it will all look pretty.
My one comment for editing the css is *don't* forget that 
misc/drupal.css exists. It can really screw with your mind if you do.

We may even want to consider patching drupal to not include it, and move 
its styles to the main stylesheet, I'm working on that anyway so I can 
provide patches.

> Any chance of getting an SVN repository for the templates/CSS on the new 
> server?
Some method of collaboration and live preview would be useful. svn would 
be good, cvs useful. SubEthaEdit might be plausable if everyone is on a 

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