[theforum] 7 days to go to WEO move

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 03:00:12 CST 2005

Hi all

As you'll see from the subject, we now have 7 days to go to get weo moved.

So, as far as I understand it, here's the status:

1) Presentation layer
Tara completed the HTML templates (Tara/GC is there a consolidated set
visible anywhere?). Seb was struggling with getting drupal templating to
get the login box working *quite* the way he wanted.

As far as I know, no-one's done any CSS work on these templates. When we
get a URL of the HTML, can someone volunteer to work on the CSS in the
next day or two. If it helps, start from the PoC CSS:
but I think we agreed on a 2 column layout with all the login etc stuff on
the right hand side as at present.

We also agreed to move the login panel below the black bar as per
(NB advance warning for post next week: we'll also need to apply this
design to deo, leo and beo).

Who is going to be drupalising the HTML? Adrian? Mike? Garrett? Burhan? Seb?

2) Functionality
John - can you please tell us whether the functionality listed here:
is all available?
Specifically, can you comment on article ratings?

3) Data
We have the data! Woo! Yay! (etc)
We need to perform some SQL magic on it to get it into Drupal, but
William's working on it. William - when will we get it into the live
system? And given that it's taken so long to get from MSSQL CD backup to
Drupal, when will we need to start the content freeze? (I'm thinking:

By the way, I'm now going into daily mode with these. We *need* to be
complete and in testing **by this weekend**. Which means that the people
volunteering above should plan to be evolting this weekend, with realtime
updates in #evolt. Anyone planning to join us in #evolt, but who has
problems getting there, drop me an off-listy and I'll give you details of
a web client.


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