A very quick note about URL rewriting (was Re: [theforum] Rebuild progress and this week's actions)

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Dec 8 07:39:28 CST 2004

>> > <http://evolt.
>> org/article/Of_Web_Sites_and_Pinball_Machines/25/60400/index.html>,
>> > <http://evolt.org/article//25/60400/index.html>,
>> > <http://evolt.org/article/theforum/25/60400/index.html>, or even
>> For that we use * and mod_rewrite.  Though what the point is
>> of supporting versions which don't appear *anywhere* other than
>> in posts like these...  I dunno.
> Theoretically this was for tracking referer/viral links. Not that we've
> *ever* analysed it, other than noting that the articles that are linked
> from the 'Highest Rating' bit of the sidebar get (used to get?) remarkably
> good Google PageRank.

this version of "where/what vision..."
currently has a PR of 6

this version
currently has a 5

the remainder of the ratings section uses the long form of the url, BUT, 
many of those have been in the top 5 sidebar in the past, and many are 
linked to from blogs and such using the '/ratings/' URL (because the blogger 
picked up the link from the sidebar).


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