[theforum] steering reps election, is it over?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Dec 14 22:30:25 CST 2003

At 07:36 15/12/2003, Martin Burns wrote:
>>>  From a quick scan of the archives, the current state of play seems to be:
>>>Content: stef + ?
>>>desdev: garrett + tara
>>>sysadmin: william + ?
>>>finance: dave + elfur
>>>marketing: ? + ?
>>If no one else is stepping up, I'll volunteer for sysadmin. I've 
>>currently admin both Win2K and Linux boxes, so nothing is going to be a 
>>big suprise for me even if its not my primary real world job duty.
>Yay! Go Judah!

Since I have now retired as Official Denier of Articles, I nominate Chris 
Heilmann as my replacement and the other content rep.

All in favour say aye.


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