[theforum] the donation bar

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Sun Dec 14 09:30:22 CST 2003

Elfur Logadottir wrote:
> OK, so I've finished exams and am going to try to kick start this think one
> more time.
> [be prepared for some emails come following days]
> As we know, the donation bar is showing target $10,500 but our target has
> since changed a lot so I'm thinking that maybe we should change it, but to
> what?
> In my opinion, the fact that we're asking for this much is a turn off, and
> emails we've received in the past have said as much.
> I also think we need to have better explanation as to how the needed amount
> is calculated and for what period it is. (me, i think we should have annual
> need and have the bar reset every new year, with link to a better
> explanation, list of past years and such)
> whaddayathink
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I couldn't agree more, $10,500 is asking a bit much, even if evolt.org 
does need that amount of money. I don't know about other people, but to 
me asking for so much money from a community of volunteers does seem a 
bit greedy when no real explanation of the costs is provided.

A breakdown of the costs involved (e.g. bandwidth $200/month = 
$2400/year or whatever) would be a good idea, so people can actually see 
how much running evolt.org costs. Also, we could do something ala Nova 
Boards ( http://www.nova-boards.com/ ) where we have a monthly target. 
This would look less greedy, so to speak, and it would also seem an 
easier target to reach (I know that at the end of the day the target for 
the year would still be the same, but it's a psychological trick).

Just my two pence. :)

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