[theforum] evolt.org 5th anniversary sunday dec 14

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Dec 11 11:42:17 CST 2003

.| From: s t e f 
.| <quote who="Elfur Logadóttir" when="09/12/03 16:16">
.| Hi Elfur,
.| Any luck with this anniversary issue?

well, Joel aired his participation. and that's it

.| How do you see it? One article with many authors? (although 

hopefully all y'all sit around, in your corners and write a commentary
piece and submit it, tomorrow or saturday. If many articles are
submitted we might have to consider combining them in some way, but
judging by the echo my post generated i don't think that'll be an issue.

.| I'm not sure 
.| it's possible with evolt's CMS)
.| A special feature somewhere?
.| [insert any other idea]

my vision is that different people, that have joined at different stages
write their experience, which would lead to at least 5 different
articles on the front page on sunday.
- with aforementioned possibility to deal with shitload of article
.| I'm going to write a piece if the thing gets moving, so count me in.

ok. so that's three pieces then.

one from me
one from joel 
and one from you.

hopefully there will be some more.

reminder: if you've got nothing else to do, or want to escape from
whatever you're supposed to be doing, i'll be on irc all weekend.
Hopefully there will be many different faces popping up at different
hours, with different, but equally amusing comments and opinions about
the future of evolt.org


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