[thechat] Lights

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 18 14:08:25 CDT 2010

Jack Timmons noted more home remodeling fun:

>>Wife & I are looking to close on a unique home very shortly ourselves,


>>Have fun fixing those lights. The first thing I'm going to do is take
>>a couple walls out. And remove the cabinets to put in some new ones,
>>up higher, so I can stick a vented microwave up under them.

Kudos to you, sir!  I can handle painting (we've redone six rooms so far) and moving some lights around.  But taking walls out?  Uh no.  That is WAAAAY beyond my comfort and/or talent level.  However, we have had several different contractors in for 'larger' projects.

Gulf Coast Florida Panhandle, eh?  Sounds like we share similar weather and landscaping challenges anyway.

Good luck on the new place!


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