[thechat] Lights

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 18 13:35:45 CDT 2010

Been in the new place about 3 months now and beginning to realize just how many light fixtures there are in a house.  Holy mackerel, Andy!  

I've replaced five light fixtures already.

Uh ... that's five light fixtures ... in bedroom closets!  <whut?>  Yeah.  Swapped two fluorescent in the master for two halogen.  (I'll re-use the fluorescents in the garage where they belong.)  Changed three of the bedroom closets from single bulb to much nicer looking double bulb units.  (Prior owners left probably half a dozen decent looking double fixtures in the attic.  Just repurposing.)

Counting those ... I've now swapped out fourteen light fixtures in and around the house.  (Lots of reuse/recycling 'movement'. Buy a new ceiling fan for the master.  Reuse the old one in a spare room.  Reuse the light that used to be in that spare room somewhere else. Very little waste. May end up pitching or garage sale-ing a $5 builder grade fixture at the end.) Plan to change out another four.  And we've kept all of the can lights, a couple of ceiling fans, and the lights in the bathrooms.  Although I did have to swap out all of the gen-1 cfcs.  Sheesh, those were horrid!

Once again amazed by the simple joys of home ownership,

(Only "bitten" once so far; the new ceiling fan in the study zapped me.  ;-(  Although I did 'cheat' and put on a glove to reconnect the fan in the gameroom.  That is a really big fan.  With lots of metal.  And the mains leads were very very short.  And I was hooking it up an hour after being bitten in the study.)

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