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Sun Jul 23 14:15:38 CDT 2006

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Hershel Robinson wrote:
>>> I'm sure I'm not the only one here trying very
>>> hard not to engage on this.
>> *So* much.
>> It's enormously hard when one of your mates is on the end of an arse  
>> kicking that's a result of actions you enormously disagree with...
> Not sure why the reticence to speak. You may be surprised to hear that 
> the IDF does not actually generally consult with me before taking 
> military action. I am thus not personally accountable nor responsible 
> for their decisions.

I think it is just a very difficult topic. The way I understand the
history of the conflict, I almost always side with Israel, but I must
also recognize that I learned the history from American sources, who
almost always side with Israel. It's one of those topics where it seems
impossible to find an unbiased report. This leads to me never talking
about it, because I don't feel confident in the information I know. And,
I think that even if I *were* confident in the information I knew, I
know that the likelihood that I am talking to someone who has formed
their opinion from biased sources is high. It's one of those topics
where you seem almost guaranteed to get into a heated argument with someone.

I just wish it would end. I hope you are holding up well, Hershel. I
can't imagine what it's like in that region. A group of Religious
Studies students from Miami University (from where I just graduated) are
over there as well, and we haven't heard from them yet.

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