[thechat] 3 months. 13 weeks. 91 days. far too many hours, minutes, and seconds

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Jul 18 09:51:03 CDT 2006

> it's going to cut recuperation time by a third because she'll 
> want to  
> recover so she can give you a slap and tell you to cheer up. *;)

ah, 'fonly twere true. her idea of a scathing denunciation of the few
bands which I like and she doesn't (Zeppelin is a biggie; one of the few
bones of contention between us) is, "it's not my favorite . . . "

besides, it'd be hard to play J&MC with earplugs, and without 'em, *I'd*
have to listen, too . . .

been thinking of taking my acoustic guitar or the mandolin to the
hospital and practicing there. since I wrote a dozen songs about Sue in
February, I've got plenty of material to practice that seems to cheer
her slightly ;)

she *is* much improved, though. now that they've removed the groovy
suction-bulb drain tubes from her tum and got the antibiotics pumped in,
she's improving exponentially every day. if it continues at this pace,
she'll be home in no time, triggering my two-week vacation followed by
three months of 4-day work weeks. multiple anticipation.

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