[thechat] War Zone

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Jul 17 09:25:27 CDT 2006

From: William Anderson
|:.Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
|:.> [snip]
|:.> But I still can't escape the thought that the Isreali 
|:.government is to blame
|:.> for this one.
|:.> Their reaction on the Gaza strip was far beyond anything 
|:.normal given the
|:.> circumstances.
|:.I think this is one of these situations where blame is hard 
|:.to apportion
|:.firmly in one direction - the tension in the Middle East is 
|:.hardly new, and
|:.for every event instigated by one country, a catalyst by 
|:.another can likely
|:.be traced as a cause.  This is a loooooooong conflict ...

I know all of this and have been following this conflict as closely as
possible from Iceland for many years now. It's still my opinion that they've
gone too far and that there was an unproportionate reaction this summer. But
I'm not really willing to debate that, as I do not have time for the proper
research for that debate.

My appologies for throwing a 'bomb' in here that I can't follow up on. That
wasn't my intention at all.

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