[thechat] VCR recommendations

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Nov 2 10:19:51 CST 2005

> Gee Joel, I figgered you'd be onna those DVR kinda guys ... 
> Going "Retro" on us?  ;-P

Love technology, not an early adopter. When DVRs become a commodity . .

> I see Best Buy only offers two; a 4 head stereo Panasonic with
> commercial skip for $65 and a Sony 4 head stereo with commercial skip
> for $80.  Wal*Mart seems to have a better selection - but more 'off'
> names. [1]
> I'd go with the one with the nicest remote.

Made a similar choice. I like JVC stuff because, well, I like it, so I
got their HRS3912. I'm not gonna be editing anything so I don't really
need a flying erase head; it'll connect up to a full JVC entertainment
center and share a universal remote; and its initials are almost the
same as mine. $120US from Amazon, free shipping.

Some day, it will likely be joined by multiple other recording/viewing
devices, so I decided not to agonize over the decision any more.

Now, I need to start looking for an affordable big big big TV. DLP,
maybe. Not plasma. But big. Really big.

Saw a portable projection setup at Sam's Club. JVC DVD player with
surround sound in addition to the speakers built into the projector;
comes with a screen. The demo was pretty cool. $999US isn't bad for the


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