[thechat] VCR recommendations

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 2 10:00:09 CST 2005

Joel Canfield asked about:

>>Looking for recs for a new VCR. 

>>I'm not fussy about bells and whistles; I am incredibly fussy 
>>about picture and sound. No stereo TV at the mo, 

Gee Joel, I figgered you'd be onna those DVR kinda guys ... 

Going "Retro" on us?  ;-P

I see Best Buy only offers two; a 4 head stereo Panasonic with
commercial skip for $65 and a Sony 4 head stereo with commercial skip
for $80.  Wal*Mart seems to have a better selection - but more 'off'
names. [1]

I'd go with the one with the nicest remote.



(My first VCR was a Mitsubishi. I spent waaaay too much. It had all of
the bell and whistle feature that I never actually used very much.  On
the plus side, while everything else was black or chrome - this one was
bright red!)

[1] VCRs have been kind of a 'commodity' good for a while now.  There
are probably only two companys actually making the innards these days
anyway.  A brand name means the assembly used components somebody spec'd
out ... but the no-namers could be built to the same specs (and in the
same plant).

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