[thechat] I'm shaving my head...

David Wagner medialyte at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 11:39:28 CST 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:21:03 -0500, Tara Cleveland
<evolt at taracleveland.com> wrote:
> Sooooo.... in an effort to get more fundage...
> I've decided to henna tattoo the evolt logo on my freshly shaved scalp
> (photos to be provided) if thechat can come up with $150.00 Canadian by
> March 30th. Just in time for the evolt.org relaunch!

I was sold before this bit, but I'm even happier now. I'm not sure I
would have done it without the blue hair, though. That was a good

> Whadda ya all say? Are you in? We've already got $68ish (damn currency
> conversions).

I wish I could give more of my weak & sickly but still proud American
dollars. I think they're still each worth, like, 10 of yours. :)

> And to answer the question you all have in your heads - yes, I am a
> little nuts ;-)

> "martinb has offered 1/2 of the $80 [$40 for those math-phobic among
> us], if 2 other people match him" Ooh who could pass up that challenge!

Ummm... count my wimpy donation out of the math. All you working
professionals get in on this.


David Wagner 
medialyte at gmail.com

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