[thechat] I'm shaving my head...

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 24 07:38:53 CST 2005

'La Blue Girl', Tara Cleveland, bespoke:

>>I'm shaving my head... 
>>...for a good cause.

Smooooooooth!   ;-)

>>I'm shaving my head on March 30th for as part of the Cops for Cancer 
>>fundraising drive for the Canadian Cancer Society 

Neat! ... Okay ... I'm in!

Pictures! ... We'll want pictures!!

>>Paypal thingy copsforcancer at taracleveland.com

Oooops! Sorry. Missed that bit. D'uh! Didn't read the fine print. 
Sent to 'evolt at taracleveland.com' instead. 

<shrug />



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