[thechat] I'm shaving my head...

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Thu Mar 24 03:14:52 CST 2005

...for a good cause.

I'm shaving my head on March 30th for as part of the Cops for Cancer 
fundraising drive for the Canadian Cancer Society (no I'm not a cop - 
regular people do it too). I've joined in really late and I'm trying to 
raise $500CAD in the next 6 days. So... I'm hitting you all up for 
sponsorship cash. I know, I know, it's tacky and you all hate me now, 
but do it for the little bald kiddies anyway. ;-)

In the meantime for your amusement, and to prove I'm serious, I've dyed 
my hair blue! You can see photos at:

I've got more of the story and information about how to donate via 
Paypal or Interac Email Money Transfer at:

Paypal thingy copsforcancer at taracleveland.com

Please donate!


Tara Cleveland
Web Design

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