[thechat] WAS -- Mouldy Grouting NOW -- uhh, mouldy grouting

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Mar 22 09:09:26 CST 2005

Martin wrote:

> No, but
> a) when a composition student, I arranged Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic for 
> quartet. Not so much Bartok, but fairly Stravinsky

that must sound cool ;-)

> b) In the days when i practised, I used to be able to play the last suite 
> in Bartok's Microcosmos, persuading one hand to play in E major and the 
> other in E minor is a fun game.

Wow, I actually arranged a Mikrokosmos piece for jazz quartet, we played it 
at my senior recital (and still play it)
I think it's #107?
/me can't find chart

everything's cool until you get to the E-maj7#5 chord, hehe.


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