[thechat] WAS -- Mouldy Grouting NOW -- uhh, mouldy grouting

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Mar 22 08:03:39 CST 2005

William Anderson asked:

>>[guitar weedling]
>>na na, na naaa, na na naaaa naaaa .... *THUNDER*!
>>... not an AC/DC fan? :)

Ron retorted:

> Hi William!
> Naturalmu! ... Once an Angus fan ... Ever an Angus fan!   ;-)

and nagrom is reminded why he doesn't listen to 
music with words anymore, hehe....

for those about to rock [pause] [pause]
FIYAH! (fire) [pause] [pause]
[confession] i still have it on vinyl [/confession]

BUT RON -- can you play that slammin' groove from 
Bartok's 5th String Quartet?

(and then the fiddles come in on top)
bee-oop ba-na-na-na-eeee-oop
at the cocoa, cocoa cabana
skronk-pitty-ditty-kitty, skronnnk-skronnnk


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