[thechat] Mouldy Grouting

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Mar 22 07:35:17 CST 2005

William Anderson asked:

>>[guitar weedling]
>>na na, na naaa, na na naaaa naaaa .... *THUNDER*!
>>... not an AC/DC fan? :)

Hi William!

Naturalmu! ... Once an Angus fan ... Ever an Angus fan!   ;-)

[Although Martin's digression covering a range from Chi Coltrane 
(Good grief! I haven't had *that* song run through my head for a 
few decades!) to Buddy Guy (or did you mean Steve Cropper?) was 
a bit more diverse.]

I guess it covers quite a bit of ground ... from Garth Brook's 
'Thunder Rolls' to the Boss's 'Thunder Road'. {Gee, I thought 
there was a line about thunder in Red Ryder's 'Lunatic Fringe', 
but the lyric sites seem to think I'm hallucinating ... Again!}

Hmmm ... Fumbling around looking for 'Thunder' songs this morning 
turned up a link to Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time":

Now playing in my head - Robert Cray's "The Forecast Calls for Pain".

(Who remembers how to play the intro to 'Back in Black' ... (Always good

for a funny look when someone hands you an acoustic guitar!) ... but
sadly realizes he has forgotten the signature riff from 'Highway to
he used to play! Hmmm ... I'll have to look that up and relearn it when 
I get a chance.)

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