[thechat] Mouldy Grouting

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 21 09:51:16 CST 2005

Bob Davis noted:

>>I feel compelled [to note] that you shouldn't lick your finger 
>>more than once. It may look like mayo, but (trust me) it sure 
>>doesn't taste like it!

Awwwww Bob! ... You spoiled the surprise!
Some things folks just need to find out for themselves!   ;-)

>>Oh, and you can have a handy vessel of water or get a drip from the 
>>faucet to wet your finger.

Old margarine tubs with a bit of water and a few old rags ... handy
to have around for just about any project. (Okay - maybe not so much
when replacing a few fence slats ... but cha never know!)


(Who has been known to hammer like lightening!
That fast?
Well no, actually ... 
But I have been known to rarely strike the same place twice!)

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