[thechat] Mouldy Grouting

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 21 08:30:21 CST 2005

Chris March noted:

>>I have grouting between the tiles (on the wall) and the bath in my 
>>bathroom that seems to be mouldy. The grouting has a rubbery or 
>>plastic-like consistency. I've tried bleach, 

Hi Chris,

David was exactly on target.  That's the caulk between the tub and 
the walls. Nope. It doesn't clean up.

[Grout is that hard stuff actually _between_ the tiles ... The tiles 
on the wall, the tiles on the floor ... wherever it is you have tile 
... the stuff between the tiles is the grout.  You can buy grout in 
different colors. You can buy sealants for grout. You can even buy 
these odd crayon-like "bricks" for cleaning grout. (Don't ask me 
where - the neighbor has them and says they work great - I just get 
funny looks at the hardware store when I ask about them.) However, 
re-grouting is, (for the less than mechanically inclined - like 
myself), a *major* PITA!]

Dave's right again, (that guy must really know his bathtubs!), the 
caulk can be removed with a utility knife. {Don't use one of your 
gf/wife's good steak knives - she'll hurt you for that.}

You can buy a small tube of tub caulk very cheaply at any hardware

Slice it open on an angle. Put in on nice and thick. Lick your finger 
and smooth it out to make it look pretty. It still doesn't have to be 
real neat at this point. You can let it 'set up' for half an hour or 
so and then go back with the utility knife and trim away the extra 
globby parts that look like they are dripping towards the tub. Don't 
trim it too close - just neaten it up.

Now the important part ... recap the caulk and place the partially used 
tube in your toolbox or on a shelf in your garage. The next time you
to do this - go out and buy a brand new tube, (they really are pretty 
cheap).  After you've done this in a few houses you will have an entire 
toolbox drawer full of half used caulk tubes that you can proudly carry 
with you every time you move!

[Apparently this is some kind of important 'guy thing'. No one knows 
what the hell it is we are supposed to do with these old caulk tubes ...

but if you check your dad's or your father-in-law's toolbox - I'll bet 
you find at least 3 or 4 or these! So they MUST be important, right?]



(Who's been procrastinating re-caulking a soap dish in the master shower

that will probably take less than 20 minutes to redo ... 20 minutes!!!
Man! ... Who's got that kind of time?!?!?)

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