[thechat] unusual gifts....

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 07:58:38 CST 2004

esoteric alcohol. Depending on your location (e.g. outside the
States), something like Absinthe, or Chartreuse, or rare good Irish
whisky, or Herradurra tequila, or ....

--- Ashok Hariharan <unganisha at hazard0us.org> wrote:
> shes italian, big into environmental & social-upliftment stuff, 
> has a very good sense of humor, is violently vegetarian, likes
> meeting 
> people, likes being surprised, likes travelling, is mildly
> religious, 
> generally doesnt like things that fall in the category of : fast
> food, 
> tv serials, people who drive big 4wds, you get the picture.

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