[thechat] unusual gifts....

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Fri Nov 5 07:28:06 CST 2004

First, you have a girlfriend, Ashok? And she's Italian?


Saala tera lottery lag gaya re!   ;)


At 16:21 05/11/2004, Ashok Hariharan wrote:
>shes italian, big into environmental & social-upliftment stuff,
>has a very good sense of humor, is violently vegetarian, likes meeting
>people, likes being surprised, likes travelling,

I think that after eliminating all the usual choices, the only thing left 
that will fit in neatly with those things is:

[drumroll please]

A plane ticket to exotic Bangalore. Spend 2 days and 3 nights at a 
restaurant that serves mouthwatering food from five countries. Relax as out 
skilled bartenders mix your favourite cocktails, and have a blast meeting 
new people from another country...

Whaddya say? ;)


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