[thechat] unusual gifts....

Ashok Hariharan unganisha at hazard0us.org
Fri Nov 5 04:51:02 CST 2004

> Pearls?

shes not big into jewellry....

> Flowers?

already done this...many many times.

> "Day of Beauty" at a spa?

already done this....

> Personal "Ashok Special" foot massage?

already doing this....(...i am almost a 
certified masseur now...)

> Tickets to play/movie/concert/whathaveyou?

already done this...(and doing this...)

> <cough>lingere?</cough>


> Dinner at a special place?
> Picnic at a special place?

yeah...done this...(i already live in a kinda special 

> Tell us something about her. There are all kinds of things you can 
> do/give that she'll love.

shes italian, big into environmental & social-upliftment stuff, 
has a very good sense of humor, is violently vegetarian, likes meeting 
people, likes being surprised, likes travelling, is mildly religious, 
generally doesnt like things that fall in the category of : fast food, 
tv serials, people who drive big 4wds, you get the picture.

dats about it...!


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