[thechat] Pissed off designer?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Nov 4 14:46:26 CST 2004

Alex Beston noted fun stuff:

>>is there any way of finding out who was working on it?
>>I'll hire that guy!

Hi Alex,

Hey ... (I know it's not "supposed" to happen ... but) lately the version 
of your emails coming through 'volt to me are arriving with an attachment.

(One of those stupid small (456 byte) "ATT1491727.TXT" kind of things.)

I suspect that it's just the evolt 'footer' being appended to your messages 
instead of integrated into them ... but I wonder how many folks might be 
just deleting your messages instead of opening them. (Actually *I* deleted 
a few that came through 'thelist' yesterday ... and was thinking of sending 
a note to the admins today to have them talk to you and check into this -- 
but I've been busy today.)

I notice that these files weren't attached to messages you sent to the 
group in the middle of September ... but I've been seeing them for the 
last couple of days.


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