[thechat] World's coolest bass player? (was guitar)

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Thu Oct 14 14:26:01 CDT 2004

Ever heard Tony Levin play one of these? (you can find it on King 
Crimson albums)

Levin is the ever-ubicuous, uber bass player, he's an oversize bald guy 
who makes any bass look like an ukelele, he can tap it like no-one else 
(King Crimson's Sleepless), and play smooth and penetrating (as he most 
famously does in Peter Gabriel's, Don't Give Up).

Apart from being the official bass player for King Crimson and Peter 
Gabriel, he's recoded as studio musician with tons of people, including 
John Lennon, Carly Simon, David Bowie, Karen Carpenter,  Lou Reed, Cher, 
Gary Burton, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, Art Gafunkel, Pink Floyd, 
Buddy Rich, Neil Sedaka, Yes, Tom Waits, ... you name it... even Sesame 
Street! Is that being versatile or what! 

Sound samples at the "Media" section in http://www.tonylevin.com/stuff.html


Joel D Canfield wrote:

>>Subject: [thechat] World's coolest bass guitar?
>>Anybody played with one of these things?  Looks like it might be fun.
>In my dreams. The Chapman stick is my holy grail. Would that I were
>coordinated enough to even consider it.
>Very, very cool sound; the tapping style playing (think Stanley Jordan)
>run through a compressor or separate setups for each half - chorus on
>the high strings, thin flat thump on the low strings. Or whatever you
>Show me an accordion player who can handle one of these, and I'll ask
>for lessons (guess what my first instrument was, long ago forgotten . .
>Check around your local music scene. (Local?) Chances are some jazz club
>in Houston or DFW has a regular who plays a Chapman. Worth going to see.

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