bicycles (was: Re: [thechat] investments, gasoline, andstupidity(not necessarily in that order))

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Tue May 4 15:35:34 CDT 2004

David Wagner noted:

> Used to, want to get back to it, but it was all BMXs and mountain 
> bikes in
> my day (mmmm... I miss my mongoose, heavy as a tank and pretty much as
> indestructable).

>>Best bikes ever. Never damaged one, but had two stolen. I'm on a Gary 
>>Fisher now, and it's just not the same.


Sorry. Wasn't paying real close attention. Is there more than one 
bicycle company called Mongoose ... maybe?

* The site has some pretty fancy bicycles. My guess is 
that these are probably what y'all are talking about.

* Wal*mart also sells bicycles labeled "Mongoose".  I have one of these.
(The Wally-world price was kinda high, so I bought a used one at a pawn 
shop. It's definately 'heavy as a tank' ... but I'm guessing it's not 
something anyone would compare to a Gary Fisher.)

RonL. ... confused pedestrian

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