[thechat] Little white Corvette

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue May 4 15:32:41 CDT 2004

At 00:56 05/05/2004, Bob Davis wrote:
>How is getting a Corvette easier than a TVR?

I said it was on my "wish list". Hey, a man's allowed to dream, ain't he? :)

No, we can't get most of the cars you fellas in the Western countries can 
get. Several reasons:

1) They're freakin' expensive. Over there, a mid-range car probably costs 
you 2-3 months of salary. Here it's about 18 months. Forget about "sports 

2) You couldn't do much with 'em on our congested and crappy bumpy roads. 
There aren't too many places inside the city that you could consistently go 
at even 60 kmph. A low-slung car like a Ferrari would get its bottom 
horribly scraped here.

3) It's next to impossible to get the high-octane fuel needed to run some 
of these babies.

<rant type="semi-related">

The ignorance (arrogance?) of the American car manufacturers who sell cars 
in India is astounding. Over here, we drive on the left side of the road. 
GM just changes the position of the steering wheel to the right from the US 
version. They don't bother changing the location of the indicator stalks. 
When I drive a Chevrolet here and want to turn on the right-turn indicator, 
I end up spraying the windshield and activating the wipers. Bah!


Now, back to dreaming. Mmmm... BMW... 400 bhp

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