[thechat] Little white Corvette

Christopher Evans chris at rubbletub.com
Mon May 3 22:15:22 CDT 2004

I paid off the loan on the old car, and was looking for a fun summer 
car. I live on Columbus, OH, USA, so that's 5 months a year.  A buddy o 
f mine knows a guy whose sister is selling a '77 Corvette for 10K.  That 
seems like a good deal to me, fits my personality - a little bit o' 
muscle, a lot of style, good lines, younger than me, and inexpensive 
without being cheap.

Whatchoo think?  Ron, you know the climate - the Vette would rule on 
Erie beaches, esp if I grow a mustache. What should I watch for? 
Leaking T-tops?


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