bicycles (was: Re: [thechat] investments, gasoline, and stupidity (not necessarily in that order))

Terry Fowler quackamoe at
Mon May 3 14:31:36 CDT 2004

--- David Wagner <dave at> wrote:
> I take a great deal of pride in the fact that my
> last bike, which was 
> in good shape and which I enjoyed riding, cost me
> about $200 a year, 

I recall my father-in-law making a big deal about a 
new bike he was buying maybe 5 years ago or so. A nice
European racing bike, an "Itco." It's very light and
seems to be high quality. Recently the doctor told him
no more bike riding. So two weeks ago we were visiting
in Monterey (California) and he up and gives the bike
to my son. In an attempt to put a dollar value on the
bike I've googled in vain. I tried "itco bycicle" and
"itco velo" and "itco Fahrrad" but have found nothing
even close to this bycicle. Anybody heard of Itco?
of it shows in this photo*

I'm just wondering if the Boy got a way cool present.


* I got lazy and used a web gallery tool from JASC
  came installed on my new Dell, so apologies if the
  design and/or html offend anyone.

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