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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Sun Nov 30 10:36:35 CST 2003

stef sayeth:

> <quote who="Morgan Kelsey" when="30/11/03 15:36">
> > stef, please send me whatever you've been smokin..... ;p
> That's strange, everyone keeps asking me exactly that a lot these days :)

grrrr.....nagrom ran out a few days ago.

> > really, they didn't follow the comic book story AT ALL (a major offense in
> > book)
> > i think it was the *worst* comic movie to date (yes, including the 70s
> > spidermans).
> He he. They couldn't. It was an adaptation, right?
> (see Spiderman: They had to edit out all chunks of the myth, and even
> mixed MJ for Gwen Stacy in the bridge scene).

yeah but, but, butt

oh i get it, you're just trying to make me look like a BIGGER geek.


i think the hulk was an adaptation of star wars episode 5 that went horribly
anybody else catch the r2-d2 garbage can in bruce's lab?

the plot certainly makes more sense in that light.

> "Hey, Hulk, you whimp!"
> > EEYAAARGH!!!!!

boohoo, hulky wants his daddy.

> You know what? I think you're right, the script was er... plain.
> But I said Ang Lee did an honorable job, didn't I? The screen-splitting
> ideas, taken back from older films (first Abel Gance in his Napoleon
> back at the beginning of the 20th century, and of course all the sixties
> mannerisms like the Thomas Crown Affair), are well done.

well hey, being a pale 'merican, i don't wanna comment on "honor".

yes, i liked the little comic booky boxes,


well, except for lou ferrigno leaving the police station in the beginning.
funny, i was the only person in the theater who yelled out:
"idiots!!! you let the real hulk get away!!! he's dressed like a police

i think they were leaving it wide open for the sequel.

> The filming is nice, and all in all I spent quite a nice moment.

gurgle-gurgle [cough] [cough] [cough]
oh yeah man, this film is like, totally nice.
whoa, that green dude must be like, so high!
[cough] [cough]

> Although, of course, that's not one of my favorites of all times. Did
> you se me say so? Come on nagrom! Talk! (putting a police flashlight if
> nagrom's eyes)

OUCH! hey, the cops usually just shine them...

well, heck, i'm not exactly a film maker.

i did tape one of my cats getting drilled by
a neighborhood tomcat when i was a kid.

i submitted it to the cannes film festival,
but they claim they lost it.

i also have a video of my brother trying to determine
how much height a cat needs to actually land on his feet.
there's a yardstick against the wall, and ted (my brother),
repeatedly picks up a cat, flips cat over, announces the height and drops the
then dad (the filmer) says, "ok, now try him 6 inches higher"

it was a science project.

he got an A.

> Comics adaptation? Batman returns, by Burton. This had the exact
> pathos/mythos combination one would expect.

yeah, i liked those too.
i hear burton is doing the "Tintin" comics next.

- searching for gamma rays

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