[thechat] Offence by Date

s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Sun Nov 30 09:50:25 CST 2003

<quote who="Syed Zeeshan Haider" when="30/11/03 14:44">

> Incidentally, the dates, which were involved in problem, were September 11, 2000
> and September 11, 2005. I copied my formula from Excel containing these dates
> and pasted into my news message. But before posting the message I changed the
> dates, months and even years. I did it because I thought that anybody could take
> offence by the usage of these dates considering their match with the date of WTC
> event.

Hey people, read my lips: Syed is a medium, he knows there's going to be 
something bad in New York in 2005.

Syed: honestly I'm not sure people care. There is a list longer than my 
arms of dates that were traumatic to every country in the world. Don't 
stop breathing because of them, that's my motto.

Well, that *would be* my motto if I had one.

Or something that would relate to cheesecake, maybe.

s t e f

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