[thechat] Fubar'd connections: help?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sat Nov 29 10:35:02 CST 2003

At 14:16 29/11/2003, s t e f wrote:
><quote who="Madhu Menon" when="29/11/03 04:57">
>>Hi guys.
>... and gals :)

Oh, there's always a hi to the gals out there. ;)

>Did you try with any other file, just to check if the behaviour is 'coherent'?

Oh yeah, did all the usual sysadmin checks to trace source of error. (Old 

* It's not just one file. Tried it with different files, with different 
file types, and different sizes.
* Only files < 1K get sent.
* Most files seem to get stuck around the 10-11K mark i.e., after 10-11K 
has been sent. This is also true for FTP uploads.
* It's not just Eudora. Outlook Express does the same thing. Says 
connection was closed by remote network.
* FTP downloads work fine. Downloaded a 5MB file to be sure.
* HTTP uploads hang as well.
* Therefore, problem is with uploads only, and not just the mail client.
* No, it's not the firewall. I disabled that and tried too. I use Sygate 
Personal Firewall.
* No, the connection doesn't drop. However, it goes dead for a few seconds 
after I attempt to upload a file or send an attachment. It works fine after 
10 seconds or so after that.

So I've isolated the problem, but can't remember making any config change 
in network or modem settings that might have triggered it. Will keep Googling.

>s t e f

Hey, put some English stuff up there for us to read, eh? :)



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