[thechat] Fubar'd connections: help?

s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Sat Nov 29 02:46:20 CST 2003

<quote who="Madhu Menon" when="29/11/03 04:57">

> Hi guys.

... and gals :)

> As you may recall, I offered to send my restaurant menu to anyone who 
> wanted it. So I fired up Eudora, attached the file and sent it to those 
> who asked. But my mail goes maybe 20% and then stops. A minute later, 
> Eudora tells me "Error writing to network. Cause: connection reset by 
> remote side (10054)". There's no problem sending a mail without 
> attachments (as you can see, this mail got there) and it's not a problem 
> with a specific file either. I don't think it's my ISP mail server 
> because I tried sending it through my madmanweb.com mail server and the 
> same thing happened.
> So I thought I'd FTP it instead. But that too doesn't work properly. 
> While FTP'ing the file, it stops at "26.5% of 34KB" and then hangs. That 
> too is not a problem with one server; it happens with three servers I 
> tried to FTP to.
> I'm running Windows XP Pro.
> Any ideas?

Did you try with any other file, just to check if the behaviour is 

Don't you have network mini-disconnections, maybe? It happens sometimes 
here, and if you've got something like an auto-connect, you may not 
notice it, but on biger files of course you do.

And it does not show on downloads because programs are used to wait for 
packets. So disconnection, reconnection, and keep on downloading doesn't 
seem to be a problem.

Of course, what I just said is pure conjecture, so it *may* be total 
bull... But sometimes conjecture becomes fact.

(as in "do you think you can say a person is a weirdo even if you don't 
know them personnally?")

s t e f

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