[thechat] Public about MJ

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Nov 28 06:19:36 CST 2003

> My question is, what is the public opinion in USA about MJ? Do people think
> he is really that kind of bad guy?

in the US, we worship freaks like michael jackson.
the more shocking, the more disgusting, the more taboo, the better.

i like michael alot, especially the old jackson five stuff.
he is, however, a rather shameless ripoff of james brown.

james brown, is probably MORE eccentric than michael.
(and in my opinion, a much BIGGER freak!)

but he enjoys sex with grown women, so he isn't as juicy to the media anymore.
and JB likes drugs -- michael doesn't -- which makes him (MJ) all the more

> What is your personal opinion?

man, i just love james brown. can't get enough.

and tis the season! i can officially force
"james browns funky xmas" on my screaming family for a whole month now!


back on topic here, lets compare:

James Brown---------------------Michael Jackson

1. funky                                    1. monkey
2. black                                    2. custard
3. invented power splits            3. has sex with kids
4. lives in georgia                      4. lives on "never-neverland ranch"
5. sex machine                          5. has sex with kids
6. the godfather of soul             6. the holy terror of pop
7. got a brand new bag             7. has sex with MSG
8. starred in "Knight Rider"       8. is huge in germany

i imagine michael's lawyers have reams and reams of analysis like this.


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