[thechat] Matrix Revolutions

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Sun Nov 9 17:00:25 CST 2003

]I didn't read that whole page, but... isn't it the case that Zion is
]actually inside a sort of "super matrix," or "meta-matrix?" At the end of
]the second movie, Neo manages to stop some of the squid-like machines while
]not jacked in to the matrix... which implied to me that Zion, the "choice"
]taken by the .01 of humans, is actually part of the machine world, too...
]the whole escape-to-Zion is just escapism...

Wow, that's a great link, Jackson.  I have not yet seen Revolutions, but
malvado does a great job of explaining the plot of Reloaded.  (Strange that
a movie with 2 hours of special effects and choreographed fight scenes and
20 minutes of plot needs to be explained, but the Matrix is like that.)

To address Jorha's point, if you had read the whole page:

[blockquote] Apparently, fulfilling his mission to meet with the Architect
unlocks some section of his program that allows Neo to use his enhanced
implants to once again become part of the machine collective (perhaps
because of the Oracle's upgrade?). He is therefore able to sense and control
other machines wirelessly. The first example of this is when he stops the
sentinels at the end of M2. [/blockquote]

I did not get any impression of matrix-within-a-matrix from either Agent
Smith or Neo in Reloaded.  What I got is a blurring of the line between the
mechanical machines (machines in the 'real' world) and logical machines
(programs in the 'matrix' world).  Just like death in the matrix (logical
death) leads to death in reality (mechanical death), logical machines (the
program in Neo/that is Neo) can control the mechanical machines.

Plus, the matrix-in-a-matrix idea is really, really lame.  Like Trek
episodes when a holodeck image takes over the ship or dream story lines in
soap operas.  Bleech.

Sean G.

"Surrealism in the service of sanity is no sin."  - Zippy.

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